Name Chitin
Nickname(s) The Hivelord
King of Shadows
Species Mttant Changeling (Shadowling)
Age 2 years post-mutation
Height 6-7 ft
  • Shadowmerging
  • Dream Infiltration
  • Shapeshifting
  • Changeling Magic

Chitin is a fictional RP character created and used by Valkon.

Chitin is the last remaining member of a destroyed Changeling hive, who was mutated into the powerful Shadowling Hivelord when he was exposed to the sludge formed of radioactive, alchemical, and magical liquids that had leaked into the Emerald Lake from Andire's laboratory under Blackmire Fortress in the Everfree Forest.

The original changeling was lost in the mutation process, creating the being known as Chitin. Unlike most changelings, who feed on love, Chitin feeds on negative emotions, fear serving as the best food source.