Name: Layra Bulaqual

Nickname(s): She goes by many names, the most often used is Eve. In reference to her spirit name.

Age: Unknown

Species: Ascended Human and a Type 3.5 Immortal.

Appearance: A white unicorn with a golden ethereal mane and no visible cutie-mark. When exerting herself however, a series of runes will begin to glow across her body.

Backstory Edit

She's a reincarnation of one of the eldest beings that have existed since before creation. Eve originates from an alternate universe where all humans have a familiar/companion. One day Eve discovered that she was different from everyone else, she had special powers. Over time, with assistance from the Angels, she learned to master them and eventually, along with Adam, inherited the Kingdom of Heaven after the previous ruler passed away. There are a few others Adam, Matilda, and Kur. Discord is one of them but was banished here and didn't share the same fate. They are all immortal and have command over their own aspects of reality.

Eve and Adam are probably the most powerful. Eve commands nature, matter, life and death. Adam controls time, space, energy and by extension technology. They also share certain abilities. They can see what is usually invisible to anyone else like the date and time at which mortals are marked to die, and they can also see and interact with magic as a visible substance.

Abilities/Powers Edit

Eve is one of the most powerful of her kind with mastery over all reality, an important trait being that she can never lie as reality will simply reflect her will. For instance, if she said that humans had five arms they will and no one will be able to remember a time when they did not.

She can also easily pass through he fabric of space and time either using The Key to unlock a portal or just by passing through unnoticed.

Characteristics Edit

She tends to not interfere with everyday occurrences that mortals can easily take care of on their own. Where she does work you likely will never see her unless she wants you to see her.