Name: Gwendalin (Gwen)

Age: 450 years

Species: Crygon

Appearance Edit

In human form Gwen takes on the appearance of a medium height teenage girl with brown eyes. Her hair is between a red and light brown, this is due to a spell cast on her early on to retain a human appearance. In her proper form it reverts to jet black.

She also has a set of large black bat wings that she can stow away in her back, retractable fangs and claws. The claws are roughly an inch long and consist of the same material as her nails. To aid in flight she also has a black tail, roughly the length of her arm and with a triangular cap. This too can be hidden inside her body to maintain the appearance of being human.

Backstory Edit

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Abilities Edit

The abilities mentioned here are what Gwen has on top of the normal abilities for her race. To see what other abilities she has refer to Crygon Abilities.

Gwen has a profound magical ability.

She has studied Daigata to Grand Master Level. With her knowledge of the ancient language she can construct both powerful and complex spells and effects. She also has a Daigata Beast in her service named Serpentine who's attributes she can temporarily modify by making additions to his Daigata Symbol. She also has the unique, once believed impossible, ability to control both Daigata and it's dark counterpart Ethos.

Her two most powerful Daigata based attacks consist of 128 symbols, one recognised as the Warrier Head whilst it's dark counterpart being the Ethos Head.

Beyond the normal abilities of teleportation characteristic with Crygons Gwen is capable of jumping from one Universe to another by shifting her resonance frequency during teleportation. The ability can be distenguished from regular teleportation by the characteristic red smoke in place of the black. It is currently unknown whether other Crygons may develop this ability when they reach maturity.

The Future Edit

With reference to the current RPs, it is in the future that Gwen will meet with Eve. The exact outcome of that meeting is unknown but one detail that is confirmed is that she was appointed as the Angel of Death. With this new title she is given greater power, immortality, and the ability to travel through both space and time ableit with one restiction. She may not ever cross her own timeline.

This version of Gwen is considered unpredictable and extremely dangerous. If you see her, you're already dead.