In the Multiverse, one will come across many different characters that are Immortal to a certain degree. This page serves to summarise the different types of immortals that can be found.

Type 0 Edit

The most basic form of immortality. A type 0 immortal generally does not have any improved capabilities, the only attribute being that they cannot die no matter how hard they might try.

Type 0.2 Edit

Like the 0.1 immortal, this one is also the product of a curse but they will still be able to die. But they are not allowed the respite of death for long as they will reawaken the next morning, sometimes in full recollection of their previous death.

Type IEdit

A type 1 immortal is immune to disease, does not age and cannot die through natural means. This type of immortality is the most easy to achieve, usually through roboticism, or by using some form of magic.

Type IIEdit

This form of immortality incorporates the attributes of type 1. In some instances a type 2 immortal may exhibit enhanced endurance and strength.

Type 2.5Edit

This is a sub-type of the type 2 immortal. A type 2.5 immortal exhibits the traits of a type 2 with the addition of a Medium Heal Factor.

Type IIIEdit

This form extends the type 2. This type of immortal is extremely hard to kill due to a large Large Heal Factor and highly augmented strength and agility. They also have a delayed respawn time. The time taken to respawn can vary depending on the individual but is usually between 1 hour and a week.

Type 3.5 Edit

A minor variation of the Type 3 immortal, when a type 3.5 immortal respawns they take on the form of the primary sentient race of the world on which they respawn. Some have the ability to control this and choose not to change forms but most do not.

Type IVEdit

Similar to a type 3 immortal except that respawning is near instantaneous.

Type VEdit

There are many ways to achieve immortality, many of which involve death. Forms of immortality that results from dying and possibly being resurrected or by cheating death in some way are classified as a Type 5.

Type 5.1 (Lich) Edit

Unknown, more research required.

Additional Notes Edit

The following traits are not bound to any one type of immortal

  1. Instantaneous Restoration (IR) - Occurs after complete destruction of an immortal, they will be able to completely restore their body immediately afterwards.