Name Regon Dagon
Nickname(s) Lance
The Skull-Helmed Rider
Species Eldritch Human
Age 25
Height 7 Feet
  • Various
  • Can absorb the power and powers of any living thing he can get his bare hands on.

Lance is a fictional RP character created and used by Valkon.

Lance shares the same origins as Regon, though instead of enlisting in the military, he was gifted by the Deep Ones of Dagon a special device that would allow him to generate rifts that he could use to travel across time and between universes. He used it as the power source of a motorcycle, providing him with a more practical means of travel as well, and spent the rest of his life traveling through the multiverse, and since the age of 25 has crossed paths with the group of beings that Andire and Regon are now a part of multiple times.


Lance is married to Senae.


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