Name  ??? Yakumo/Arisato
Nickname(s) Ln, Ellen
Species Youkai
Age 1
Height 4'3
  • Can pull handheld objects out of absolutely nowhere
  • Respawns upon death
  • Explodes randomly due to having eaten C4, which respawn along with her

Ln is a fictional RP character used by SuperSupermario24/Lnsmall. She was created by Yukari, who was sick of Chen's constant whining about how both Yukari and Ran have a shikigami and she doesn't get one. She has since been liberated from Chen's ownership. She has also gotten her own shikigami, Chikara.


  • People like to abuse the fact that she just respawns, and there actually exists a hole filled with her dead bodies 
  • Has become completely desensitized to pain
  • Has had children with Senpai, named Lπ and Lenpai.

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