Name  ???
Nickname(s) The Voie of the Mark
The Voice
Mr. Voice
Species Bio Demon
Age  ???
Height  ???
  • Biomerging
  • Chaos
  • Soul Stealing

Mark is a fictional RP character created and used by Valkon.

Mark is a wandering bio-demon that bound himself to Regon shortly after he became Archcommander in order to harvest the souls of the individuals that Regon killed during the war against the GCSR. After Regon was warped to Equestria, Mark unbound himself, later confronting Solaris and providing advanced scientific knowledge and power based in fire and the stars in exchange for providing Mark a body to reside in.

Mark thinks that Solaris should kill Celestia and Luna to see if they truly control the Sun and Moon or if the "Sun" and "Moon" they control are illusions that they have created to trick the populace into believing they control celestial bodies.

Mark also wants Solaris to kill them so he can eat their souls.