Name Silizachki
Nickname(s) Warden of the Gods
Species Outer One
Age  ???
Height 7 Feet
  • Omnipotence

Silizachki is a fictional RP character created and used by Valkon.

Silizachki is the "God" of Demons and Prison Warden of the Gods; employed by the beings that exiled those who later became the gods of Andire and Regon's home universe, his job is to instill conflict, and does so through the many physical manifestations of himself he has created throughout it, the most notable of which being the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.

Unlike the other Outer Ones, who are weak to Chaos, Silizachki is immune to chaos, as he is its source and the one whom inflicted the Chaos Weakness upon the Exiled Outer Ones.


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