Name Solaris
Nickname(s) N/A
Species Unicorn
Age 22
Height 4 ft
  • Basic Utility Magic
  • Master of Pyromancy

A Unicorn scientist, specialized in astronomy, who has spent much of his life in Ponyville, though is not very well-known due to his tendency to sleep through the day and perform research and experiments through the night. After the appearance of Regon, he was later partially possessed by the demon that previously bonded himself to the human warrior to collect the souls of Regon's victims.

He will turn from the "Scientist" appearance (seen in the profile picture) to the "Pyroknight" appearance (seen in the full picture) depending on whether or not he is allowing Mark to take control. He can, however, activate individual parts of the Pyroknight appearance at certain times, usually the burning wings when he wants to fly.