Name: Sollace Aer

Age: 19

Species: Pony (Unicorn)

Appearance Edit

An average unicorn about 3'6 with a light blue coat, grey ayes, and dark green mane.

Backstory Edit

Sollace grew up in Manehattan and later went on to study at Celestia's school for gifted Unicorns. For a while he was in the same classes as Twilight Sparkle until later on when they took different courses. Twilight went into Magicite, a wide subject covering different aspects of magic, their uses, history, and effects, as well as the works of previous generations. Sollace went into Genimage which focuses more on the types and uses of magic, as well as how they can be modified to get different or entirely new spells. He later went on to become a professor in the University and even now, after leaving, he can still command low ranked Castle guards.

Abilities/Powers Edit

His cutie-mark relates to magic much like Twilight Sparkle but there is one small difference. His special talent is in 'New Magic" meaning he is especially inept in manipulating and constructing custom spells.