Name ̴̀ ̵͠ ̡̧͘ ̸͘ ̵̷̡͢͞ ̧͠ ̨̀̕͡͝ ̵̕ ̶̷͘͟ ̷͞͡͡ ̵̷̀͞ ̨̡ ̶̶͢͠ ͠ ̴̷̢̧͝ ̶̸̷͟ ̵̴ ̴̢̢ ̕͘͝ ̧̡ ̴̸̧̨͝ ̛̀́ ̴ ͟ ̶̕͞ ͟͞ ͏̷̡̀͜ ̸̧̛͘͘ ̢̨͝͡͏ ̷̵͞ ҉́ ͏̵҉̀͟ ̷̧̛͡
Nickname(s) Super
Species Original
Age  ???
Height N/A
  • Can manipulate all physics at will, but cannot directly manipulate or be affected by magic
  • Can take the form of any physical body
  • Can also take the form of no physical body, and instead watch upon events in a sort of "equilibrium" state.
  • Can be anywhere at any time in the multiverse


  • Exploring the multiverse


  • Is very protective of beings from certain universes
  • Doesn't get in the way very often

Super is a god and the original of SuperSupermario24/Lnsmall.

His duty is to protect certain universes or sets of universes (i.e. "canon" ones that appear in fiction); he does not let anything into them, and does not let anything leave (when someone goes to another universe in some other whatever, it's just part of the "set" of universes it takes place in). (this is to explain why the crap that goes on in The Multiverse doesn't affect the actual franchises it's based off of)

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