Name Zelek Maletoth
Nickname(s) Lord Maletoth
Emperor of Humanity
Species Lich (Xzenian Human)
Age 40,035
Height 7 ft
  • Master of Pyromancy
  • Advanced in other Magic
  • Creation and Maintenance of the Avatar(s) of the Emperor
  • Planetery Linking

Zelek Maletoth is a fictional RP character created and used by Valkon. He is the emperor of the Empire of Humanity.

The Emperor who has ruled the Empire of Humanity since its conception, his life extended after unintentionally becoming a Lich during an attempt to restore life to his dying home world. Previously the Lord of the Maletoth Clan and a skilled battlemage, he united through conquest the 11 Elemental Clans of Humanity after the death of Xzen to create the Empire of Humanity.

An Avatar of the Emperor can be on any world at any time that the Emperor chooses, given that the link between him and the world is maintained. Avatars can be brought to planets and even universes the Emperor is not connected to through conventional transportation methods, but will lose any power they had and become like a normal human.